Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Massimo Dutti Summer Formal Dresses 2012

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Massimo Dutti Summer Formal Dresses 2012

Massimo Dutti has always stood for quality, good taste and sophistication, so that their designs every season become trend without much effort, that is why today we wanted to share in the firm hand of an enormous variety of proposals in dresses formal, which give life to its new catalog for summer 2012.
As you will see this new opportunity to bet the firm mainly fairly minimalist design, equipped with lots of charm with the addition of subtle details such as pleats, lace, jewel necks, ruffles or mini floral print and stripes discrete mainly.

Moreover, the range chosen to give life to the proposals is also very effective as hues that are committed to rage this season, such as shades of pastel blue, orange and green.

As for long but we have some proposals in the form of maxi dresses, the vast majority are offered in a long slightly above the knee.

You see all this amount of detail makes these dresses easily become the favorite of many for work as well as highly sophisticated to attend parties and other formal occasions.

Can see more detail through the following gallery of photos that we present, in which you can see the different designs. click picture to enlarge


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