Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bershka T-Shirts Summer 2012

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Bershka T-Shirts Summer 2012

Bershka one of the most dynamic firms and most understand young people, its main audience are, is one of the firms which is in greater developments, trying to satisfy also your most demanding audience, and go if it succeeds. The collection of bershka t-shirts for summer 2012 today presented is a clear example of this, as it gives a clear contrast with the previously presented that encompassed all proposed highly romantic and feminine collection, the protagonists of these t-shirts are all skulls and graphic designs by style.

As you can see each of the proposals that the firm makes us, where we can find both short-sleeved t-shirts or without manga, have as central design skull, which can be both human and animals, as a t-shirt in particular comes with a design seems inspired in the old West, where a species of Buffalo skull can be seen.

With regard to the colors that we have these t-shirts Excel mainly black, white and Brown, although there is also space for a lovely rose.

Below you can see all the details of the collection :


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