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How To Use a Short Jacket

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How To Use a Short Jacket

A short jacket looks in the door of your closet but do not know how to use it ? Do not leave it there abandoned it in a new installment of fashion advice will know how to use a short jacket at different times depending on time of year.

Like all depends on what clothing to go with her to show off the most. Get inspired with these ideas ! Then you can give us yours, how you Use a short jacket ?


How to Use a Short Jacket

In the office

The short jackets are a garment that can perfectly wear to the office. Just need to know how to combine other items that look appropriate to the occasion. Examples ? Well, a nice pencil skirt or pants high-waisted with a blouse or shirt tied at the figure.

If your dress is formal work ensures that the jacket is cut from a material or texture that you can take it. Forbidden one of jean, for example !

In spring / summer

As we do not need much warmer clothes, spring and summer are seasons that are provided to wear a nice short jacket. One idea is to combine it with, say, a shirt or top of color, a three quarters sleeve cardigan, shorts and heeled sandals for a casual and trendy.

In autumn / winter

And when the cold starts ? Yes, you can continue to use short jackets even when temperatures drop, for example, with jeans, a turtleneck sweater, a cardigan and a bandana or scarf for winter urban autumn look.

At Night

The short jackets are very popular for the night. In fact, those mini velvet or suede jackets are the most chosen in addition to an evening gown. My recommendation ? For a night of friends, come to a short jacket or sequined animal print. You are a must have of the night !


What if you give it color to your look ? A short jacket and the excellent color-orange jacket see in the picture-perfect to spice up a basic look of jeans and white or striped shirt, for example.


Remember our fashion tips on how to use a black leather jacket ? Well, also apply to short jackets. You can use the leather with white clothing, animal print, plaid and even ball gowns.


Outfits With Short Jackets

And here you can see some pics of outfits with short jackets to further investigate the trend...

Now you have several ideas for combining a short jacket. Leave at your fingertips in the closet so you can use it more often !

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