Monday, April 16, 2012

Mango Jeans 2012

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Mango Jeans 2012

With the image of Kate Most campaign, Mango presents its new collection of jeans in 2012, where as you will see by the photos that we leave, the Catalan firm this time is heavily weighted by the seventies style. Since many of the cowboys are offered in high-waisted, worn colors and wide legs.

And best of all is that we can find these jeans in a wide range of colors, plus they are offered in various cuts and creative details that make the difference with those offered by other firms.

But given the popularity that cigarettes have become in fashion today, has been quite difficult to remove from the fashion, and handle your search to satisfy the varied tastes of his audience also presents them to us in a huge variety of cuts and colors, as will be appreciated by the photos submitted.

So all those looking for this season and in turn proposed original modern, safe handle can find the desired proposal, besides that this is the fit to have the most diverse bodies will be favored by them. For more details we invite you to see the photos then let them.


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