Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Wear The British Styles

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How to Wear The British Styles

Fall lends itself beautifully to show off one of my favorite styles at what I mean ? Nothing more, nothing less than the British style ! Simple, casual, informal, but also extremely attractive and trend.

Can you ask for something else to look attractive but simple on the asphalt ? And if this trend as much as you love me, do not miss the famous street style that some are proposing in their day to day. I bet you'll find a special charm to every outfit. Are you going to miss those ?

Sienna Miller

Sienna always looks generally very inspiring. Not to mention a few times in which it has failed on the red carpet, their costumes tend to be truly elegant, comfortable, and very original.

This time the actress looks perfect denim, a classic vintage boots much like a jersey and a bag of gold more attractive. No doubt the perfect complement to give some shine to the whole, right ?

Julianne Moore

Julianne may choose an outfit more masculine than the Sienna, but anyway I must admit that I also liked it. The proposed items ranging from a short parka men with deep pockets, very casual black pants, a black ballerinas and an animal print bag to provide the necessary touch.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica chose to wear a British style very casual, comfortable, and sophisticated. Like Julianne, has decided to complement your outfit with animal print purse, and to boot, high heels well have been his preference.

Rebecca Gayheart

The kit has decided to show Rebecca has had to draw on a rainy day. Yes, and that as often happens, the days of storm usually arrive unannounced, totally disorienting any wardrobe. Anyway, water boots, a parka, an umbrella, and a very funny hat have been their main choice. Do you like ?

Finally, a brief recommendation from the hand of Mango. A very casual parka, perfect to show off a very casual style, but also extremely attractive and innovative. Of course, you can find on its official website, and buy it online if you prefer and also you can visit the online-fashion-store.


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