Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Using The Cut Peplum Fashion

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Using The Cut Peplum Fashion

If you've been attentive to the latest trends, you've seen pictures of recent shows of designers or have spied on the styles of celebrities and fashionistas, sure you have met the cut peplum, though perhaps not by that name ubiques. This is basically a blown or overskirt tops, shirts, skirts, dresses and blouses, which can be large or small and pointed as a simple fold of the garment.

Want to know how to use the cut peplum, the latest fashion ? Following these fashion tips to look not only learn this trend but also adapt to your look in a way that highlights the strengths of your silhouette. Learn!


Using the Peplum

Size of Your Hips

Tell me what size are your hips and tell you what style of cut peplum use. As the coin toss is present in that area, think what you favors. For example, skinny girls with no hips or pronounced peplum can use bold, wide and accented to provide a more curved appearance. If you caderona, however, uses a finished cut and stay on the sidelines of contrasting colors, you look better prints to divert attention from your hips.

Look at Black

When we are just adopting a new trend and have not got used to it, it is best to play it safe. And what better than to bet on black, the color that never fails? So if it's the first time will use the peplum intended to be a monochromatic look to bring it subtly.


If the peplum is much more pronounced highlight the waist area, so you must keep the rest of your silhouette least "loaded" possible to achieve balance. Examples? A peplum skirt or blouse with tight top or a top or blouse with peplum pencil skirt or skinny jeans.

Peplum Top

Following the advice above, if we decide to use the cut peplum at the top, ie, tops, blouses, shirts and jackets is ideal combined with slim skirts or tight pants to achieve balance.


If you have cut peplum at the waist area, with short jackets or blazers, as if they are large, cover the coin toss, and end up "drowning" the outfit. This is also something to keep in mind to achieve balance in the look.


A belt is an accessory that can make a big difference in how your clothing looks peplum. As this blown gives more emphasis to the waist area, use a belt to check your curves will help you refine your silhouette.


Another tip to achieve balance in the look is to combine the clothes or dresses with high heels peplum that Stilicho your figure, both pointy-toed heels and chunky heels. A blown too broad flat shoes can make you look wider.

Peplum Trend

Cómo usar el corte peplum1.pngCómo usar el corte peplum6.jpgCómo usar el corte peplum2.jpgCómo usar el corte peplum5.jpgCómo usar el corte peplum4.jpegCómo usar el corte peplum7.jpgCómo usar el corte peplum_caderas.jpegCómo usar el corte peplum8.pngCómo usar el corte peplum9.jpgCómo usar el corte peplum10.pngCómo usar el corte peplum11.jpgCómo usar el corte peplum_12.jpg

 For if you do not know this fashion, here I leave several images of the peplum trendin its various styles. Click on each to enlarge. Would you like to implement it


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