Monday, April 2, 2012

Bags Trends 2013

Hot New Fashion Trends

Bags Trends 2013


One of the most feminine accessories has to offer are undoubtedly bags, combining aesthetics with functionality, two characteristics are difficult to assemble in a single accessory. So today we go presenting a preview of what will be the main trends in purses for 2013.
Which are drawn from the collections of some major brands and designers in fashion today, and which follow the general lines of fashion, so it will stand as styles, textures, patterns and colors vary.

Although some of the details that stick out are embroidered in metallic shades like gold, incorporating studs, plush textures, animal print and bright colors and present such as the tango tangerine, yellow and various shades of purple.

While the forms actually include very diverse formats, ranging from square to round forms and from such proposals until handbag wallet, in sizes

Then in the photos we can see them some of the trends of which we speak in bags, which thanks to the diversity we offer allow us all to find a proposal that fits your taste and style.


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