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Captive Fashion Tips

Hot New Fashion Trends

Captive Fashion Tips

the fashion tips that will read below will be your new bible when it comes to dressing. This is fantastic few tips presented InStyle magazine to dress well, comfortable, fashionable and maximize every garment we have. Are they going to lose?

Take note of them and share them with your friends. Come soon many more!

Tips Fashionable Not To Miss

Show skin, but strategically

If you want to look sexy, nothing more effective to show a little skin ... But only a little! Remember that the truly sensuous is to suggest, lead to the imagination, and not show it all at once. Choose just one piece of skin to show. For example, if you intend to show off your legs, do not use a lot of cleavage in the chest or back, or if you intend to show your back, enough to cover the breast area. Besides sensual, suggesting it makes you look more elegant, which does not occur when it is displayed too.

Shine with accessories

The glow or neon colors, both trends of the moment, not always easy to bring in any garment. What better then to show off on accessories? Accessories are a safe bet to wear color, especially if you have a wardrobe full of black, white or neutral colors.

Having clothes wildcard

The wildcard items are those that can combine with almost everything and thus adapt to almost any occasion. They are clothes that never go out of fashion and have them means saving money, helping us reinvent the looks. Examples of wildcards in the closet? A black tube dress, which looked like Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy, a white shirt, a black blazer, jeans, riding boots, among others.

Knowing the formula of jeans

If you want a jean suits your figure, you know it must be made of at least 2% Lycra. Do not forget to check out the jeans label to check that information. It is certainly a way to save time in the fitting of the mall, but never stop looking at you with the jeans to look good safe place.

Tie a knot in the scarf

The scarf has become a must-have accessories for the whole year, the thicker for winter and lighter and softer to the cool days of summer. The latest trend to show us the most fashionistas of the world is showing them off with a knot or a lap ahead.

A free hand at night

What are the best portfolios to look at night? The bags with string, as the classic Chanel 2.55, which lets you have your hands free and carefree when, for example, go shopping, to dinner with your boyfriend or dance with your friends. This design offers a perfect cut to accompany a cocktail dress. Will you use it as directed? Cross, so that the chain passes through the body diagonally.

Dress according to your figure

This is one of the most important fashion tricks. The key to dressing well and looking comfortable is to dress according to height and body shape. For example, if you're small, you should avoid vertical stripes or pants below the knee, even if you love them. Knowing what you should NOT use, you open doors for all other trends.

Make a list before shopping

Would you like to save money at the mall? Want to prevent impulse purchases and unnecessary? Ok, one trick is to note what items you need according to what you have and adjust your purchase it. Open the closet, look carefully and with paper and pencil notes which items you would need and what clothes they have the combinarías. This will make you focus on buying what you need as you have, which prevents having to re-make another purchase to combine the new garment.

Check what you see

Never leave home until you feel satisfied with the image that returns the mirror. Never! If something does not convince you, find him a ride, just so you feel beautiful and with attitude.

Choose small in doubt

The vendor says that no more jeans in your size. What bad luck! With how much I want that model ... Well, well, when in doubt, buy jeans a size smaller than yours. These, in use, always end up giving in to the shape of your body. Never buy a bigger size because it will look too baggy.

Keep your head open

How many times we give up something we love ourselves just because we think it is not our way or we do not look good? Do not make it! Allow yourself to use something extravagant or not "paste" too much with your usual style, it's fun!

Choose nude heels in doubt

The color nude is the new black for shoes. And then out of fashion, is a color in footwear creates a sense of longer legs. Just pick a shade that matches your skin tone.

Have at least one animal print piece

The animal print has become one of the must have of every season. It's sexy and glamorous. I love! If you're not convinced this trend include your wardrobe, remember you can always use shoes or accessories.

Encouraged to combine prints

That that is not properly combine prints left in the past. The maximum current trend is precisely match prints. A safe bet and unobtrusive to wear this trend is to combine colorful prints and patterns like, or use one of them in dress and another in the supplement.

If you want more fashion tips, you see how to use a jean jacket, how to dress and how to use animal print pants red, among thousands of tricks.


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