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Spring Fashion Trends 2012

Hot New Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Trends 2012

When we go out and can not think what to wear, or should we buy new clothes to update your wardrobe for the next season, nothing beats the look inspired by celebrities, women with their different styles set the trend. What use, for example, this spring ?

We shall see below, with a summary of the spring 2012 fashion trends that are already wearing the famous. We have seen their hairstyles for spring and now we go to look. Then decide which of them you would like to take this season.

Spring Trends 2012


Silk Pants
Silk pants are a must have this spring 2012. Its lightweight, loose texture makes them a super comfortable garment for the first days of heat, plus they look elegant to wear to the office.

A look for inspiration? The Rachel Bilson, who sports a spectacular red model, which was supplemented by another article of fashion, black blazer.

Little White Dress
The "little white dress" (or little white dress) is a garment that must be present in every woman's wardrobe for any season. Is that a white dress-design-it's a safe bet for a sophisticated look in any gala event, unless you go to a wedding where it is forbidden to wear white to not outshine the bride.

As did Jenna Dewan-Tatum, combine your little white dress with shoes and accessories with color.

Tips Highlighted in Shoes

Pointed shoes became all the fashion. But not just any shoe in edge but the leading points. Remember the latest trend in metal-tipped shoes we've seen a few weeks ago? That is just a variant!

Jessica Alba looks like another version of prominent pointed shoes: stilettos black with white tip. Do you like? You can be more daring and go for a pair of black stilettos with neon tip, for example.

The overskirt or peplum cut dresses, skirts, blouses, pants and jackets is a very original trend that you should not pass up this spring 2012. Emmy Rossum chose a monochromatic look very sober black to show off her blouse V-neck peplum Remember that a look in black is a color partner to wear a trend that you're not used yet.

With Jean 
The jean is the perfect pattern for a casual look. And do not be afraid to use it twice! This season combines your jeans with denim shirts, perhaps they a lighter shade, as did Kate Bosworth. Why the feet? Boots or shoes.

Black And White
How to combine neon colors are so fashionable this season? Well, with white, color coolest of all, and one of the most elegant in any occasion. Jada Pinkett-Smith balanced his shocking pink heels with a simple white set.

It was winter, spring came but the blazer is still fashionable. Jennifer Lawrence took perfectly the tendency for warm days using a cream-colored blazer and asymmetrical cuts.

Animal Print Pants
I love animal print! There are thousands of ways to use it: through skirts, shoes, accessories and pants also, as we see here with Miranda Kerr with an original jean in blue leopard print, accessorized with white shirt, gray sweater, black ballerinas and a portfolio XL burgundy color.

Shoes With Colored Blocks
The color scheme you chose Louise Roe I feel great. She demonstrates how a formal attire can be cheerful and colorful. And how we can give color to a look? Over the shoes! She chose heeled sandals in light blue, brown and yellow neon.

Inspiration Navy
If you like the navy, spring is an excellent time to start using it more. These use a combination of blue, white and red stripes or sailor-inspired motifs, as the anchor that Taylor Swift looks on his sweater. What do you think her look navy ?


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