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Trends Fashion in 2012

Hot New Fashion Trends

Trends Fashion in 2012

In the 2012 Trends in always keep abreast of what is used and now with the change of season, time to make a special summary of the major fashion trends of the year we will see trends in 2012, these clothes and styles that were a hit in recent months and will secure all the talk of the coming seasons.

While much remains to be done 2012, these trends marked a before and after by fashion experts. Know them and inspired them to update your wardrobe!

Trends In 2012


Court Peplum

I see the cut peplum everywhere! Dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets ... What undoubtedly shows that style is a must-have for this year. This is an overskirt or fold on the fabric that gives an original touch to each piece and can be used in different versions, from a large blown up just a peplum detail. It is a style of the 30 and 40 which returns with all this season.

Pants Color

I love colorful pants! Get out of the traditional denim jeans to give them a chance to this trend as cheerful and youthful. How about some red jeans, jeans pink, yellow, green, blue? Design sure to find your favorite color! This trend is a favorite of the year.

Mint Green

The mint green is a beautiful color that comes with everything from European spring and you can take in your pants, blouses, shirts and accessories. It is perfect to combine with pastel colors, another trend in 2012. Stunning!

Pastel colors

How beautiful pastel colors! They are delicate, elegant and super feminine. This is the pale pink, canary yellow, sky blue, light salmon, lavender and green water, among other colors in softer tones. I like this palette is back in fashion. What do you think?


The brightness is infallible (and now inevitable!) For the night. It is a great tendency to look at the accessories, and if you dare even blouses and pants. A secret? Combined with the black brightness shines.

Original Nails

How about a navy style nail art? A gradient nails or nails Christian Louboutin? This season will see hands with lots of color and, above all, original and fun designs. Dare to innovate in the classic colors of nail polish!


It is one of those key pieces every woman's wardrobe. The blazer can be used in virtually every occasion! To go to the office to go out at night, for an event, for a meeting of friends. And along with any clothing: dresses, skirts, jeans, etc.. depending on the style we want to achieve. This 2012 classic blazer will use the black and colored, striped or printed.

Metal Tip Shoes

Since Louis Vuitton launched its shoe designs with metallic tip in his collection 2012, more women fashionistas went crazy with them. Given this success, many brands - such as Zara, for example, launched its own low cost version of the trend. They are very original! If you wear heels with metal tip, trust me it'll be the most fashionable girl.

Flowered Pants

As the flowers bloom again in spring, floral-print pants relive this season. And what better than spring to show off? And now you can only combine with smooth garments but with stripes! The combination of patterns is also fashionable.

Neon Colors

Neon does not turn off! Fluorescent or neon colors are for time in the world of fashion. Because they are really bright colors, remember to incorporate them into your look in one garment, an accessory or even your fingernail to not look like a neon sign. The neon colors, so are ideal to combine with pastel colors, muted and discreet.

Black and White Pants

Pure elegance! The classic and elegant colors merge into one garment: the black and white pants. My outfit perfect with them? With black blazer and metal-tipped shoes.

Colored Handbags

The handbags or clutches are a necessary accessory to carry our essential items such as mobile phone, house keys and car and some makeup. While handbags black (like Chanel's iconic 2.55) are always the safest bet, the trend in accessories spring summer 2012 is to use some color.

Long Skirts

Long skirts are, for me, one of the best trends 2012. Long time no see! And what are nice, linen, silk, cotton, loose, lightweight, high heels or boots, black or colored. You will be beautiful, comfortable and cool at once. I scored!

Navajo Stamped

The Navajo print or Aztec tribal touches, it looks in the windows of many brands, especially in wool coats, jackets and scarves for fall winter 2012 trend though as you will find all this on all garments. You will see in all colors, with lots of orange and brown.

Which of all these trends in 2012 are already using or will use next? If you want to know more fashion trends, continues to visit Hot New Fashion Trends.


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