Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trendy Spring Summer 2012

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Trendy Spring Summer 2012

Because one of the most important keys to a successful modern look is to adopt the colors that are more prominent role this season, is that we present today through this post for Spring Summer 2012 some of the colors that will have greater prominence, so that all times with the look might be more accurate and successful.

Which have been predicted by a Californian house color trends, and which then leave them to start thinking and ways of combining them.

Eart Dance - Dance of Earth Tones -

Within these tones that predicts the trend, we find to prevail in the spring summer 2012 all kinds of shades of orange, brown, blue and burgundy.

Natural Expression - Expression Naturally

Within this subset of other colors also marks an important popularity for the 2012 summer season are all kinds of silver gray, greenish blue, some earthy and smoky tones.

Primary Circle - Circle Parent-

Finally this last trend brings us more energetic tones that enjoy greater role this season as being bold shades of orange, cherry red, green, purple and pink intense.

As you can see by bringing together these three main trends of colors we can see how this 2012 summer season we can benefit both vibrant and subtle colors, which can live perfectly individually and combined, as they are all versatile and flattering colors.


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