Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer Fashion Pants 2012

Hot New Fashion Trends

Summer Fashion Pants 2012

The pants are certainly one of the most versatile and comfortable garments we have available, and if chosen with good taste can also become an effective way to add style to our outfits. That is why today we present to always be updated some of the main trends of summer 2012 season over trousers, within which, as you will be able to find such diverse styles, which all certainly find one that is carried in accordance with our taste and style.

- Faded Jeans :

The worn-looking jeans are one of the biggest trends this season, and are ideal for those who enjoy being in addition to fashion retro style, as it has an important hint of this style. They are also ideal to combine with all kinds of shirts discolored, short jackets or shirts with fringe.

- Straws in Intense Colors

The straws in bright colors like orange, red, pink, purple, aqua or green are one of the strongest trends of the 2012 season, as can be seen everywhere in the street and the windows. And thanks to the versatility of which are holders can be combined with all kinds of shirts, blouses and tops.

Pastel-Jeans :
The pastel shades are another major trends of the season, so much so that reach also starring trousers this season so we can benefit from the lovely look so beautiful that the garment has to offer also in shades such as cream, mint, lemon and salmon. Making these the best pants to accompany romantic blouses, wedges, sandals and wide-brimmed hats.

-Pants Prints, in Various Colors :

Pants recorded, mainly floral print are another major trends of the season, although there is an important place for proposals striped, leopard, snake skin and kaleidoscope-like patterns.

Stem-Pants Legs High and Wide :

This style of pants slowly began returning to fashion and this season it will climb a few positions in the ranking of fashion.


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