Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 Original Parisian Street Styles

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4 Original Parisian Street Styles

The beautiful city of Paris always shows us a little of everything. But you already know, right ? What really matters is not seen and admired some of the more outgoing outfits that can be found through the streets of dreams.

A little style, vanguard and a very chic street styles that only 4 original Paris can offer. I already I have my favorite! Now I just need you to take a look at these nifty looks and decide if any of them has served you as an example.
Do not miss it! Surely some of these fashion trends will suit you.


Outfits and Street Styles in Paris

Leather Jacket and Leggings

That there is color, color. Nobody can deny, and especially after seeing this first proposal. A combination of interesting textures and colors, right? Especially if we emphasize the striking red printed leggings, fuchsia and orange that has this girl.

Luce also a large green bag and a classic leather jacket. Certainly a must that can not miss in any closet. Ah! And do not forget the details of light wool hat. Too ?

Skins and Heels

This second option is less colorful, but also has its charm. This is a conservative look with a leather jacket, a lavender sweater, pants and a very sharp black heels to bring classic elegance.

Paris-ins that have been decided to use a warm wool scarf and a black color bag quite contrasting neon yellow. What about the look ?

Suede Jacket and Gradient

You had mentioned that the gradient is fashionable. We see it in shoes, sweaters, shirts, jackets, even the nails! Well here is the living proof of that theory. And I suppose if it emerges in the streets of one of the most stylish cities in the world there's a reason, right?

On the whole the gradient is used in a very warm lavender, with suede jacket also very innovative. As for the rest, the outfit has been completed with shoes patent shoes, a small mini, leggings, and a comfortable bag.

Leather and Olive Green

I like the combination of leather with olive green. I think it's a shade that goes well with the texture, not forgetting, of course, it is the perfect combo to wear in the cold winter days.

Example ? This interesting Parisian street style. Platform booties with suede trousers with double color, a little skin, black purse and a leather jacket in a olive green really great. I'm in for this proposal! Do you?

Already have some ideas on the table. Now I just need to decide what is your favorite Parisian street style. Difficult, no? But you can certainly get a good idea any of them to take your own look.

And if you still want more street looks, do not miss how to color the winter and some of the most innovative winter street styles of New York.


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