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Trends Silver Shoes 2012

Hot New Fashion Trends

Trends Silver Shoes 2012

The gold and silver are hot, yes. What to look elegant and shiny silver shoes overnight as well as during the day? It would certainly be an easy way to carry style, not to mention, of course, setting a trend for wherever you walk.

Shoes are bold, daring and a very special glow. That's why I love them! And my proposal today is an interesting collection of models for you to know how to apply a 2012 trends of the moment more bearable.
Check out these shoes


Shoes Silver For The Day 


Top Shop

I have great faith in Top Shop. The proposal that will begin the short list of silver shoes for the day will be a very, very bold striking platforms. Whatever your answer, yes many fashionistas would use this new model in silver. Ah! And as a foolproof, I can not fail to mention the beautiful finishes offered in the copper-colored shoes. Great!

Manolo Blahnik

A little Manolo never hurts, right? This time, these beautiful silver sandals are really perfect if you are looking for fresh look. The interlacing feature is great for daytime use in a print dress or any garment as spring.

Marc Jacobs

My last suggestion to forget the day a little high high heels and focuses more on a model comfortable, practical and charming with a metallic sheen. New shoes, right? A buckle closure with a small heel and a fantastic cross point, which leaves the fingers exposed.



Silver Shoes For Evening 


Miss KG

If you prefer a really noticeable glow, these magnificent Miss KG shoes are great for shine along with a fitted black dress. Without doubt, this is a perfect shoe for the night, a classic model tip. How about this glamorous proposal?

Yves Saint Laurent

From the hand of one of the more traditional firms and more stylish today, these sandals in silver are great to wear with a dazzling outfit. Dresses, pants, skirts does not matter! I bet that would combine well with any outfit that oses use at night.

Chinese Laundry

I must admit I had not heard much about this firm. But his accomplishments seem to be very promising, The structure of this shoe offers a little platform, a vertiginous heels and a really stunning brightness. I have been fascinated!

Which of these silver shoes you like best ? I think I lean towards the night. After all, there is nothing better than a little luster to complement any outfit.


Look with Silver Shoes


Still not convinced? Do not miss these outfits with silver shoes !

Tendencias 2012: zapatos plateados7.jpg Tendencias 2012: zapatos plateados8.jpg Tendencias 2012: zapatos plateados9.jpg Tendencias 2012: zapatos plateados10.jpg
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